NYC Shiba Rescue (NYCSR) is an all volunteer group dedicated to contributing to the quality of life of Shiba Inu in and around the New York City metropolitan area (NY, NJ, PA, and CT primarily). To that end, NYCSR actively works to rescue Shiba Inu and Shiba Inu mixed breed dogs from dangerous environments and shelters in order to find them loving, permanent homes. We will, among other things, foster and evaluate Shiba Inu in order to prepare them for adoption and seek out proper adoptive homes for the dogs. NYCSR also promotes responsible dog ownership by educating the public in the selection, care and training of dogs.


Temporary Suspension of Intake

As of October 19 NYC Shiba Rescue regrettably will not accept any new intake.

In recent months NYCSR took in a significant number of senior, injured and special needs dogs that needed more extensive veterinary treatment and costs have run into thousands of dollars.

There are 30 (thirty) dogs currently under our care and due to lack of available and suitable foster homes a few had to be placed in a boarding facility.

We hope this situation will be resolved quickly and we will be back to saving Shiba and Shiba mixes.

If you need to surrender your dog during NYCSR’s hiatus, you can

Please, consider becoming a foster home. You can also help us by making a donation. With your support we hope to be able to resume our normal intake in a short time.


Introducing Nilla This sweet 15 lb girl is 7 year old Nilla. Nilla is not comfortable around other dogs but she did live with children in her previous home. When she first meets you, Nilla tends to be shy but after she feels comfortable … [Continue reading]


Meet Ali (Mohammad Ali) This is 7 year old Ali. Ali loves to play fetch with his toys but then delights in playing "keep away". Ali did well around the owner's grandchildren and is also good with most dogs but it's not known how he is with … [Continue reading]


Say Hello To Chico Three year old Chico appears to be a Shiba Puggle mix who found himself at ACC. Chico is super friendly, good with cats and prefers dogs his size or larger. Children in the home should be older than 5 years. … [Continue reading]


This is Nala Two year old Nala was transported to her foster home last month. Nala is weary of meeting new people, especially men and children. She is also good at escaping. Nala loves playing with tennis balls and is not good … [Continue reading]


Introducing Teddy Teddy was in foster care through SIRF (Shiba Inu Rescue of Florida) when his foster family needed to quickly evacuate to NJ due to Hurricane Irma. In order to help, we have taken Teddy in as one of our fosters. Teddy needs to … [Continue reading]


Introducing Tequilla This spunky girl is 12 yr old Tequila. She was surrendered to a shelter because her owner was having difficulty affording her care. Don't let her age fool you. Tequila is playful, affectionate and loves to eat! … [Continue reading]


Say Hello to Maddox Maddox (Maddie) will be 10 years old in October. He is friendly but not happy to be around children or animals. He loves going for walks and playing with balls and stuffed squeaky toys. He does have food … [Continue reading]

Ginger and Oliver

Ginger and Oliver In August Oliver & Ginger were brought into NYCSR. Rocker is now about 7 months old. He was very scared after being abandoned, tied to a rocking chair. He needs patience to help overcome his fear. He does like being … [Continue reading]


Here's Roxie! This adorable 8 lb Shiba mix is 2 year old Roxie. Roxie came to NYCSR from the York SPCA where she wanted to play with the goats in the next run. She does well with dogs and cats and has met the horses at her foster home. … [Continue reading]


We have a Jynx This little eleven pound senior is Jynx. At 15, this girl found herself at a PA shelter when her owners moved. Jynx is blind and may also be deaf. She is missing fur which may be the result of a food allergy and is being … [Continue reading]