NYC Shiba Rescue (NYCSR) is an all volunteer group dedicated to contributing to the quality of life of Shiba Inu in and around the New York City metropolitan area (NY, NJ, PA, and CT primarily). To that end, NYCSR actively works to rescue Shiba Inu and Shiba Inu mixed breed dogs from dangerous environments and shelters in order to find them loving, permanent homes. We will, among other things, foster and evaluate Shiba Inu in order to prepare them for adoption and seek out proper adoptive homes for the dogs. NYCSR also promotes responsible dog ownership by educating the public in the selection, care and training of dogs.


Hubby’s December Update



We’ve learned so much about Hubby since he was placed into his caring foster home and can’t wait to share this update with you!

Hubby weighs about the same as he did last month and we know this because he had a follow up vet visit for the possible obstruction in his left nasal cavity mentioned from his first update. Hubby went to visit the vet once more because his foster family did not think that there was enough improvement to his sinuses so the vet prescribed him some steroids to assist with the recovery. There was a bit of concern once with some red tinge that might’ve been blood in his urine but at this time we do not have a conclusive diagnosis but his foster family is keeping a watchful eye on his health. So far, the steroids are helping Hubby and he is showing some improvement!

In his everyday life, Hubby lives by one golden rule: What’s on the ground should be in his mouth. While none of us agree with Hubby’s every day philosophy, Hubby is more than happy to snatch up everything on the ground during his walks on the off chance that it could be food. We’re not sure where this behavior stems from but his foster family is working on curbing it since much of what he picks up is not edible! He is an extremely friendly Shiba and loves to be around and be loved by people. He prefers to ignore other dogs and does not like to be left alone. He loudly sang the song of his people one night while his foster family was out and while it was lovely, we’re not sure that the neighbors would agree. For this, we recommend that Hubby is in a home as the only dog with a family member who is able to be at home to keep him company.

Hubby is still recovering from his nasal issue and unfortunately his vet bills are racking up quickly. It is our utmost priority always to keep our Shibas healthy but there is a great financial need to keep our organization running as our modest adoption fees rarely cover the full vet bills for each foster dog. During this holiday season, we gently ask for donations from our supporters, readers, friends, and family to assist with bills to keep our foster Shibas, like Hubby, get healthy so that they will have the opportunity to find their furever homes. There are so many ways to help, such as eBaying items you don’t need anymore and donating the proceeds to NYCSR or fulfilling items from the Shiba Amazon wishlist, so please visit our donation page for some ideas!

Decked for the holidays

Decked for the holidays

Here is the link to our donation page: and we thank you so much for reading about Hubby!

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