Chad Update, May 30th

chad with kidsChad is doing really well in foster care and we’re getting a good idea of what his perfect forever home should look like.

For the first week that he was with us, he didn’t show any signs of separation anxiety at all. His previous owners had warned us that he has accidents inside when left alone – even if only for a very short time! For the first four days, he went willingly into his crate when his foster mom had to go to work and seemed perfectly happy when she left and when she returned. However, after a wonderful four day weekend spent at the beach with his foster mom, a friend, and 3 other dogs, he’s now showing signs of anxiety when left alone. He went under the bed once when it was time to go in his crate and had a couple accidents in his crate that day and the next. The good news though is that he and the resident dog have become such good friends already that we’ve decided to stop crating him during the day. Our hope is that when he is free to snuggle with his doggie friend, he won’t be anxious about his human friend being away.

Chad and his pals

Although Chad is wonderfully well-behaved, healthy, neutered, and up-to-date on all of his vaccinations, he is not available for adoption quite yet. We want to figure out what it will take to avoid his separation anxiety, before we choose a home for him.