Introducing Chad

Chad recently turned six years old. He is healthy and neutered and VERY sweet. When I went to pick him up, he snuggled up next to me like he’d known me for years. Chad has been very well taken care of… our first foster dog that we know actually had a really good life before coming to us. His owners were very conflicted about giving up such a great dog, but they were afraid their young toddler was going to torment him past his tolerance level and they were very stressed all the time trying to watch Chad and the toddler and keep them apart. Chad wasn’t getting the kind of play time and freedom at home that he had all his life and his owners decided it just wasn’t fair to him.

Chad won’t be available for adoption immediately. We’ve been told he has some separation anxiety issues, so we’re going to take some extra time to evaluate him and decide what the best home situation for him will be. He’s being fostered with a resident dog now and we’re thinking he should be adopted by someone that has a sweet, female dog to keep him company when they can’t be home.

One of my partners, Lily, spent some time with Chad on Sunday and this is what she said:

"Chad seemed shy, but after a few minutes he suggested we play tug by pushing a stuffed toy on my lap. So I tugged, then he tugged harder, then me, and it was ON. He was sliding across the hardwood floor as I was pulling the toy with him. From one side of the apartment to the other, we were sliding across the floors and it was fun! LOL! When I was tired and dropped the stuffed duck toy, Chad wanted to play again."

More about Chad to come soon!