07/10 Chad Update

Chad continues to do great in his foster home, he is such a good boy. Earlier this month, Foster mom Irma ‘gave him a bath and he was FABULOUS! No Shiba scream, no scratching- he was an angel’. She brushes him at the dog run where ‘he sits down like a furry gentlemen and welcomed the brushing’.

He’s ready for the perfect forever home- one that has a friendly female dog for him to be best friends with!


  1. Hooray! Chad is such a sugar boy– glad he can be okay if he has a buddy. these dogs are so smart.. it’s us humans who need to learn how to communicate– great job figuring out what he wanted/needed!!!

  2. Roselyn says:

    I met Chaddie-Waddie and he is such a sweetie pie! I will do everything it takes to adopt this sweety!

  3. Roselyn says:


  4. Congratulations!!!! That’s GREAT to hear!!!!