Introducing Molly


Molly is a very sweet & friendly 3 1/2 year old girl. Her previous owners contacted NYCSR as a last resort. They were surrendering Molly due to previously diagnosed food allergies and did not want her to end up in a shelter. The frequent trips to their vet for injections were time consuming and an expense that the family could not keep up with.

Upon arriving to see Molly, she was incredibly affectionate & playful with us from the very beginning. She was an absolute joy to visit with even though she obviously was uncomfortable due to her condition. Just about all the fur on her legs, around her mouth & eyes and in her ears was gone. We then took her to our Vet only to find out that the reason for her painful itchiness was sarcoptic mange- not necessarily her food allergies! Molly also was suffering from both yeast & parasitic ear infections in both ears. All of her scratching, biting & rubbing to relieve the itchiness was doing her so much more harm than good! During the extensive exam, Molly was a very good girl. She did not put up a fuss at all nor did she growl or show any signs of aggression whatsoever.

Molly is making an impressive recovery. In just over 3 weeks time she is no longer scratching at all- the itchiness is gone! There is only slight yeast still in one of her ears, which is still being treated. She also is happily eating up her new food – that does not contain any of the food types that she is allergic to. No more injections- the right nutrition is the answer. Dr Martin, who has done an amazing job with her says “Her skin looks great and all of her hair is regrowing!”.

Molly grew up with a young girl in the home so she’s used to a responsible, well-behaved child. She plays very well with other dogs during visits and on walks. She’s also attentive and knows her commands. We have not tested her with dogs in the home or with cats, however. She is up to date on shots and is spayed. She has won the hearts of NYCSR and the hospital staff with her sweet disposition and gentle nature. She will be a wonderful addition to the right forever home.



  1. I am so glad that Molly is doing so well. The pictures of her look so much better than how she was described when first brought in. Thank goodness for the wonderful care and love she has received. I hope she goes to a wonderful forever home soon.

  2. The original owners’ vet had actually diagnosed a few allergies – both food and contact allergies. The food that they were feeding her contained one of the things she’s allergic to! I’d be miserable too walking around with mange, yeast infections, and eating something I was allergic to. Three weeks with a good vet will do wonders for a dog in her condition though. Can’t wait to get her into a foster home and find out more about her personality!

  3. What a dear dog. I hope she gets a good home soon. I had a GSD with similar issues many years ago and with time patience and a lot of money we got there.
    i absolutely commend you for the hard work and care you give. I can only have one dog at the moment and I really cherish my little Shiba. So from me and Lily Inu we say thank you from the bottom of our hearts.