08/30 Molly Update

We’re happy to announce, that after a long road and some very hard work by her vet & foster mom, Molly is now available for adoption! The mange that Molly was suffering from is, as previously reported, cured. Molly has been very receptive to foster mom Lydia’s training. She knows how to walk nicely on the leash, is polite to dogs she comes into contact with and has settled into life in the big city. Molly also now gets to go to work on occasion! Not only does she love the extra attention but she gets to show off what a good girl she is turning out to be 🙂

Molly, like many dogs, does suffer from seasonal contact allergies. So this time of year is tricky for her. Because of the pollen, grass and other allergens outside and in the air, she can get a bit itchy. Lucky, always a sweet girl, she lets her foster mom wipe her down after walks and administer her allergy medication.

Molly is ready for the perfect forever home, one that will continue to give her the amazing care that she’s received in her time with us. As long as her food and contact allergies are tended to, she’s a very happy & grateful Shiba! If your looking for a very loving & affectionate girl who will bond with your family- she’s it!