Introducing Fuji

fujidoor.jpg fujiheadshot.jpg

Say hello to Fuji! She’s a very well behaved 5 year old who is spayed, microchipped, good with kids, babies, cats, and other dogs. Her former owners’ wanted to find her the best home possible as they were not able to give her the time and attention they know she deserves.

Upon evaluation, our Intake Director Michele had the most amazing things to report about her. ‘When we came to the door [Fuji] came to greet us but didn’t bark or jump or anything & was just happy. Fuji is so affectionate- she just sits by you and gives kisses. She is also beautiful!’

Soon after evaluation we placed her in foster care much to the delight of her foster mom! Maria tells us that Fuji is so sweet and is getting used to not only her new routine but also Mojave, the resident cat at Maria’s home. She’s also quickly adjusting to living in a new area and going on many walks. We’ll have more photos and updates on Fuji soon so check back often!


  1. Aww…what a pretty little girl!!!

  2. If Fuji is ready I would love to adopt her! I just submitted my application to the site so please keep me informed!

  3. Hi
    I have a 14 year old shiba that is now going into kidney disease.

    I would very much like to talk with you about adopting Fuji.

    Moriah gets alonf with other dogs as well

  4. Hi,
    My and my husband John are looking forward to adapting a Shiba dog, and we are considering Fuji. We don’t have kids or other pets. Both of us work and study in New York City, and we are not planning on moving anywhere since we just bought our dream condo here. So, please consider us and our application. Thank you.

  5. She is GORGEOUS! Sounds like some lucky person(s) are going to have a wonderful family member. Good luck to the lucky adopter!

  6. Hi, If your interested in adopting Fuji, please submit an adoption application. (An application can be downloaded from ) Upon review, we then check your references and conduct a home visit.

    Please keep in mind that we’re an all volunteer organization, so a number of things (how busy we are, whether we have a dog at the moment that might be a good match for your family, etc.), can affect the length of time the process may take.

    After the home visit, if we have a dog that you are interested in and we think is a good match, then we set up a time/place for you to meet the dog.

    Of course you can always contact us with additional questions as well. Thanks for your interest!

  7. is she still able for adoption ……..we have 3 other dogs 2 mixed and a schipperke……we are looking to adopt a sheba inus…..we have 1/2 acre and are a loving family……please let us know thanks!!!