Introducing Lightening

LighteningLightening is a neutered, male Shiba Inu. He’s about a year old. He is up to date on all vaccinations and was recently treated, successfully, for heartworms.

Lightening was brought into a shelter in Ohio as a stray several months ago. A Shiba rescuer there took him in and after about a month, Lightening was adopted by a couple here in NYC. Although Lightening normally gets along very well with other dogs, there was a misunderstanding between him and the resident dog and she remained afraid of him afterwards. Everyone felt it would be best for her if Lightening found a new home.

Lightening is a high energy, young boy who loves to play and get lots of exercise. He will growl and show teeth when someone approaches a high value treat, especially rawhide. He is otherwise a very affectionate and snuggly boy. He gets along with other dogs in the home and LOVES to play with toys and with other dogs. He’s been making very good progress learning not to resource guard and that training needs to be continued.

Lightening is a very loving (and incredibly smart) dog. With an owner that will continue teaching him NILIF (nothing in life is free), Lightening will be a great pet and companion. He should be in a home with another dog (or dogs) that will NOT let him be a bully, so he learns his place.


  1. Any idea when Lightening’s going to be available for adoption? Would he be ok in a Boston home?

  2. What a face!!!!!! How can you resist those eyes?!?! Maybe some day I’ll be able to bring #4 home…only need a cream to finish out the whole color pallet. He looks like he’ll make someone very happy.