Another Foster Home Bites the Dust

Foster Mom Alicia writes:

Coia is a very spirited, good natured and straightforward. She has an independent way about her and can sometimes be aloof toward strangers. This is actually great in NYC because we encounter many people everyday and if I stop to talk I know she is not going to jump all over them or bark. Conversely, she is very polite and happy to greet anyone she knows! She is incredibly smart and is learning the rules of the house everyday. She is also very clean! She meticulously grooms herself like a cat and does not like when he food falls out of the bowl when eating.

Many people in my building have pets [and she interacts] with them in passing everyday and during her walks outside. When she really likes another dog and wants to play, she will lay flat on the ground and wait for them to approach us. She has grown really fond of Pomeranian, Kai, who lives in my building and she is great friends with a Yorkie who lives across the street.

It looks like Alicia will be failing Fostering 101 as she has grown very attached to Coia and will be adopting her.