Introducing Kiera

Kiera is a very sweet dog who has some nervousness and anxiety issues that her foster family are working on. She’s not fond of loud noises and will be jumpy. In the foster home, she adjusted after a day or two to the sounds in the house but still exhibited anxiety when being walked outside.

Kiera has been described as retaining many puppy-like qualities like needing play time, running around, and sometimes whining if she’s bored or wants to play. Her favorite toy is a tennis ball. She’s not totally comfortable making friends with strangers and alternates between being very excited to see new people and extremely nervous.


However, Kiera can be very affectionate and likes to nap on the couch with her foster family, nap on the bed, and is learning to be crate trained. Foster mom Emily sent us the following:

I recommend a home where she is allowed on the furniture as she likes to be close to her people and often cuddles up on the couch or bed.

We will keep everyone posted on Kiera’s progess.



  1. my gosh – this dog is beautiful!

  2. My husband is glad to see her little face again! He had some good bonding time with her on her transport. Hope she finds someone gentle and calm with a semi-quiet home for her 🙂

  3. She is so lovely. I wanna hug her… then take her home. I love those big eyes.

  4. How old is this baby? I am very interested in adopting this dog!

  5. tom & jaime says:

    she’s super cute, we’d love to see her!

  6. Wow, mom Kiera looks like she is the one. We could be twins. You wouldn’t know who was who. We could play all of those great twins tricks on you. You know how I love to share my things and play with other dogs. Do you think we can get her? Do you , do you mom?
    Your Shiba Friend Brandy

  7. Nice to see that sweet face again!

    I had the good fortune of meeting this little sweetheart towards the start of her trip, and she stayed overnight with Goddard and myself. It was funny- she wound up under the bed, but not really scared, just felt safer there. A friend came by and knocked, and she shot out, barking an alert, but not hostile, instantly. My friend came in, I told her he was OK . She sniffed him and then calmly went back under the bed! When it was time to go, I just touched her collar and she came right out.

    She is an awesome girl, and will be a great companion for whoever becomes her new family.

  8. When will she be avalible