4/17 Kiera Update

Kiera is doing very well in her foster home. She has maintained her weight, and although she is on the thin side, the vet believes that she is just naturally thin. Kiera has a slight ear infection which is clearing up with medication given to her by the vet.

Kiera is very sweet and loving. She can be quite playful, but has continued to be more independent (spends majority of her time in the bedroom, but comes to visit and sleep on the couch sometimes). She is always very excited in the morning and likes to jump around. Kiera is friendly with people she is familiar with, but tends to be shy around strangers. She is great with her crate, and knows her routine. Right after her morning walk she goes into her crate and lays down. Also, whenever she is told “crate”, she goes right in.

Kiera’s foster mom says:

Kiera has gotten better on leash and does not try to cross my path unless there is something she wants to smell on my other side, like a fire hydrant or phone pole. I usually pull her back and she is content to wait until we come back to it when it is on her side. She continues to show no signs of aggression.

I have allowed Kiera to meet my ferrets and she has been great with them. They have not been loose with her, but she gets very excited when I hold them and wants to say hi and sniff. Any time they are running around or playing in their cage, she runs over to see what’s going on. She is very protective of them and will bark if she hears them fighting and can’t get to them.

Kiera has visited with Molly’s dogs a few times and gets along with most of them quite well. She will bully around one of the dogs who tends to defer, so Kiera knows she will get away with it. Kiera and the puppy love each other and play until they both drop. On walks she has been OK with other dogs.

Kiera is not toy aggressive at all, and will let me take toys away from her. She also plays with her toys with other dogs and will give up a toy when she is done with it or interested in something else.

Kiera has not been food aggressive with me at all. She eats in her crate, even when other dogs are around, and although she gets worried one of them may take her food, she did nothing when she was out of her crate and another dog went in and ate some of her food.

Kiera is fine being left alone in her crate for hours. I have not left her alone outside the crate for I believe she would be destructive.