4/7 Barbie Update

Barbie’s foster mom, Ami, says

Barbie has certainly relaxed a bit since moving in here a week ago. For one thing, she’s figured out how to get on the couch by herself. It’s actually cute to watch, because unless she’s got a running start, she needs to bounce a few times to get the momentum to get up there. Of course, since she’s now capable of getting up on the couch, she’s also now capable of looking out THE WINDOW! Ooooh. Now I will never, ever not know when a car parks anywhere remotely close to our house because of the Barbie Alert. The Barbie Alert sets off the Dakota Alert (who typically has no idea what he’s barking at), until I thank both of them.

Barbie’s confidence is slowly coming back and she doesn’t hide in her crate all day. Her new preferred spot is at the top of the stairs, where she can keep an eye (or ear) on everything. She’s also much more willing to come up to the husband or me for pets and rubs – particularly at the shoulders or right at the base of her tail. So far she’s been pretty okay with Dakota, aside from the little squabble they got into when Dakota decided to be selfish with his toy.