Ginger Update

Ginger is sweet, outgoing and friendly. She loves to cuddle on furniture and play with toys, balls and romp outside. She does not like to be alone. She whimpers and cries when crated, gated or left in a room away from you. She does not bark much. She does shake from time to time when locked away in a crate or behind a gate.

Ginger is interested in cats but too excited to meet them safely. She has a high prey drive for birds, barks at them and bares teeth. She likes to chase the squirrels out of the yard. Once given time with dogs, she warmed up to Haiku and Tracker just fine. She is fine in the yard with them as well as in rooms together. She still bares her teeth from time to time but they just turn away and ignore her and nothing happens. They are very patient with her. The other dogs are too reactive to be around her.

Ginger is able to be left alone. She has been left up to 8 hours without incident. At this time she seems fine with a calm household. Perhaps with one confident dog. She loves a yard to run in, so a yard would be nice.


  1. She is a beautiful girl! Nice specimen of a female Shiba!