Rusty Update

Our volunteer who transported Rusty had this to say:

I had the pleasure of transporting Rusty and Bea from Trenton, NJ to Huntington, LI, where they are being vetted and boarded at West Hills. Rusty was the sweetest and most friendly boy. He was smiling non stop and being so very cute. There were several times that he would lean over to me and give me kisses while I was driving. Rusty was very responsive and happy to be near people and get attention. He’s also very treat driven and loved lamb snacks!
His kennel cough has greatly improved- he’s certainly responded well to medication. He is heartworm negative; his bloodwork looks perfect and so will be neutered once his kennel cough is gone. At West Hills, the staff has fallen in love with him! They say he’s such a great guest- they said ‘Rusty is such a love’!

Stayed tuned for new photos of Rusty.


  1. wendelin says:

    Would love more info on Rusty: wt, age, is he house-broke etc. Any additional info or comments about him would be most welcome. Thanks

  2. RICHARD says:

    rusty is like the cutest dog ever