6/28 Ginger update

Ginger’s foster had this to say:

Just wanted to give everyone a quick update. Ginger is doing really well now. She is getting along well with every body who comes over to the house, though she likes to jump on them and lick their face/hands. She isn’t hiding very much any more, though she likes to crawl in the closet from time to time to sleep/hide in the laundry hamper to get away from the storm. She knows when bed time is, because she’ll hop right on to my bed and occupy my sleeping spot. Haha. She seems to really like the Hund and Flocken gold brand, as she gobbles it right up, and she likes to beg for food, unfortunately, but I haven’t really been giving her any. When I come home, she goes crazy and can’t decide if she wants to jump on me, lick me or make me play with her, so she kind of does it all at once. On walks, she can be good, but sometimes she likes to lean her entire body in the opposite direction of where we’re going. She hasn’t been very aggressive toward other dogs, just apathetic really. We let her loose in a dog park near me and she just kind of stayed around us, and sniffed a few dogs here and there. She did growl at one when he tried to climb under the bench that she was occupying.


  1. Ginger is so cute. I hope she’s doing well.