Rusty Update

A few days ago one of our NYCSR volunteers headed out to see Rusty and gave us this update:

Last Sunday I went to West Hills to visit Bea & Rusty. Rusty came out first. He ran over to me with a huge Shiba smile and a happily wagging tail. He showered me with a million kisses. His fur looked brighter and so soft.

He really is quite puffy since his coat is so thick and healthy. Rusty was in full happy play mode. He promptly went into a play bow and we were off! He was running around and giving belly and having a great time. I gave him a good scratch behind the ears and he put his paw on my hand as to say ‘no, don’t stop!’

The staff at West Hills say that he’s just so well behaved. He’s been incredibly affectionate and loves to play in their kennel’s outdoor run. He’s also been great on a leash. His kennel cough has cleared up and is very playful with other dogs. He would do best, they think, with other dogs that would enjoy his playfulness and energy. He has a great appetite and is well behaved at meal times. He’s just a happy boy that wants nothing else but lots of play time and attention!

This is Rusty when he
first arrived at West Hills
  This is Rusty now
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  1. RICHARD says:

    its really great to see that rusty is doing great.when will he be up for adoption.

  2. Karen Stevenson says:

    Rusty you are a handsome little guy. I am sure you will make someone a great companion and friend! They will be lucky to have you…

  3. RUSTY!!!!!!! how old are you?

  4. michele m says:

    Rusty is 4 years old.

  5. Rusty is at the animal hospital tonight. I miss him very much so I am looking at his pictures. He is so much cuter in person. I love his big furry head and small body its so funny!