Rusty update

Rusty is out of the vet and in his new foster home. So far, so good. Rusty is getting along well with his foster family. He has some aggression toward other dogs on walks and tends to lunge and bark at them, but his foster mom is working with him on this. Otherwise, Rusty is very affectionate with adults and children. He has a normal energy level and likes to go on walks 3 or 4 times a day. He prefers his stuffed toys over other toys. Although Rusty doesn’t know many commands, he does come when called – sometimes. Rusty is crate trained and likes to sleep in his crate or on the couch. Rusty would be good in a home where he is the only dog and with an owner who is willing to work with him on his dog aggression. Overall, Rusty is a great boy, and is giving his foster mom lots of joy.