Ashitaka Update

At first glance, Ashitaka can give you the sense of an old soul. His gaze is deep and emotional. When he grins and wags his tail, it instantly puts a smile on your face. He loves to come over and lick your hands. He is happy to spend hours at your feet curled up or gazing up at you.

He has never has any obedience or manners training and is taking to is slowly. He is very food motivated but slow at understanding what is asked. A gentle hand works much better with him then a forceful correction. He is not a high energy dog.

He enjoys wandering around the backyard sniffing smells and peeking into bushes. He does have an reasonable prey drive and will go after birds and small animals. He does get along with other dogs but does not like dogs in his space or around him while he is in his crate. He will also growl if another dog challenges him over food.

Ashitaka will do best in a quiet home with no dogs or a calm female. He is happy to follow you arund the house or lounge around. He will require gentle training with refreshers through the rest of his life. He is a magestic sweet soul who just needs a calm family to live out his life with.