Candy Update

Our foster mom Jenn and her family recently took Candy into their home. After a week of adjustment and learning a somewhat new routine, it seems to be that Candy has relaxed and is becoming a wonderful guest!

Jenn calls her “Candy Cane” because she is so sweet. After a week, Candy is coming out of her shell and not as “defensive” or “weary” of new situations. She’s starting to live in the present and slowly forget about her past, Jenn can tell that the hard days of living on the street are becoming nothing more than a blurry memory in Candy’s mind.

Jenn told us, “Candy is a fairly independent pup and can be left unattended for several hours with no destructive behaviors or accidents. She is a perfect lady and doesn’t jump on the furniture or visitors. She seems to warm up to women faster than men, but she is excited to see either of her fosters when they come home. She greets us with tail wagging and a short game of tag where she runs up to you for a rub, then goes around the opposite direction for another rub.”

Candy is learning to play with toys but she’s still not sure what to do with them and what they are – but she does like nylabones. She also likes cheese. At the moment, Candy won’t eat from their hands but Jenn believes with time and trust, she will take food from their hands and understand that no one is going to startle her or scare her.

Candy is a very calm pup and will happily follow her foster around the yard and house. She likes to be with people but is perfectly content being alone. Although Candy has not yet been formally introduced to her foster canine siblings, she has been exposed to them through baby gates and has really shown little or no reaction. Candy does have a high prey drive, so she should not go to a home with small animals or cats.

Here’s several pics of Candy, click to enlarge.



  1. Hi, I already filled out an application. We just lost our 16 yo Shiba on 8/29.We rescued her at 5 yo. It is possible that Candy might be what we are hoping for. She looks sweet.

  2. Candy is a VERY sweet girl. She is very timid at first, but warms up once she is comfortable. It does take her a little while to warm up to people, but she has a very sweet loving personality. She needs someone who will understand her shyness and will give her all the love and time she needs to adjust. Candy will be a very devoted companion and will give her forever family unconditional love.