Introducing Jerry

Jerry is an 8 month sesame puppy who is very friendly and very much a happy playful puppy. He’s good with small kids and gets along with cats. He needs to learn some basic commands and how to walk on a leash. For the last few weeks he’s been learning how to socialize with other dogs, but he is shy and can become a little unsure how to greet and meet dogs.

Jerry is very affectionate with people and likes to play. He needs a home where he can get plenty of exercise and grow up to be a happy, healthy dog. He is used to being in the crate when he’s not supervised and only seems to cry or bark when he needs to go outside.

He was brought to us because his former owners had children and him, and it was a very hectic and busy household. They felt it was best to find Jerry a home where he could get the time and attention he needed. Overall he’s a great dog, but he’s a puppy and it’s always a shock just how much time and energy it takes to raise a puppy into becoming a wonderful canine citizen. Jerry does jump up on people and sometimes gets a little mouthy but his foster mom is teaching boundaries and manners. From what we’ve been told, Jerry is learning and is also a joy to have in the house.


  1. Jerry seems to be a strong healthy puppy and our 1 year old neutered Dusty is awaiting a best buddy. My partner & I think that Jerry would make a perfect addition to our family. We await your update on Jerry’s progress and would like very much to be considered for fostering or adoption.