Introducing Zucca

Zucca is a 3 month old female, red and white Shiba Inu who weighs about 8lbs. and was brought to us because her owners did not have the time it takes to raise a puppy. Puppies require a lot of patience, time, and consistent training. We hope to find Zucca a forever home with people who are ready and prepared to take on all the responsibilities of raising a dog and all the sighing, frustration, and love that comes with it.

Zucca has some very typical puppy moods, sleepy and tired for periods of time and then hyper and silly. Her former owners told us that she would be very mellow for a while and then want to play and zoom around the place. In her foster home, she has a fellow Shiba Inu that she’s been making good friends with. According to her new foster family, Zucca is sweet and has some very typical puppy traits. She loves to play with toys, especially plush toys, and is not afraid to run up to her foster sister and bug her to play.

She displays some shyness towards men but they are working with her to understand that men are just as fun as other dogs and women! She’s a good puppy who has some attitude, in the sense that she doesn’t back down easily when the other dog tries to teach her manners. Zucca is create-trained and has not had any accidents in her foster home. She is learning to walk on a leash but sometimes just wants to sit down in the middle of the sidewalk. So her foster family is working with her to understand that she needs to keep moving, keep walking, and can only stop when they stop. She does not pull on the leash.

She’s completely unaffected by city noises and is happy to be outside. She’s finally gotten the hang of going up and down stairs. The first couple days she was confused by them- but now she has conquered them like a champ!

Keep checking back for more in Zucca.


  1. Maria Hull says:


  2. Anna Lammers says:

    Hello… I really would like to adopt her and i am filling out the form from this site.
    thank you-anna

  3. marlean smith says:

    Has Zucca been adopted yet ? we are interested

  4. My partner & I have a 1 year old neutered male and Zucca seems to be perfect as an addition to our family. We have a fenced in yard and a dog run a few blocks away and I can imagine Dusty and Zucca playing already. We await your updates on her progress and hope to be considered for fostering or adoption.
    Thank you,