Rusty update 8/6/08

Rusty has been neutered and microchipped and is enjoying his days as a “new yawker.” He is a very mellow dog in the house but does get excited when its time to go for a walk, and sometimes zooms around the apartment when his foster mom comes home. His foster mom told us,

Rusty’s personality has changed. He has opened up more emotionally. Now he is very bonded to me and follows me around. He sleeps at the end of my bed and lets me cuddle with him, while before he was sleeping in the living room. Rusty has become much more warm and loving.

He still doesn’t like passing other dogs on the street that often and will act like a bully but our Animal Welfare Director came and helped our foster mom Liz with a few tips and techniques. From what we’ve heard it’s helping lessen Rusty’s acting out.

Rusty is learning basic commands like sit and come, he’s very friendly when meeting new people, and gets along with some dogs. He doesn’t seem to understand the body language of children, so it may be best he goes to a house with older children. He also loves to play and run around outside, so an active family or household would be perfect for him.