Update on Bean

Bean is a wonderful, healthy little girl doing very well in her foster home. She is very affectionate and curious.

Bean is somewhat mischievous, always looking for food, but fairly well behaved. She listens to instructions. She is neither toy nor food aggressive. Bean does not need to be crated, and there haven’t been any accidents. She sits if told in a firm voice and walks well on a leash, but can pull at times.

Bean is still unfriendly with other dogs. She occasionally doesn’t like women, but several of the women have been around other dogs first, so it’s hard to tell if it’s the smell of another dog, or the women.

Bean enjoys walking for a while, but no adverse effects when she doesn’t get long walks. She’s a very sweet dog that will make someone very happy. She loves attention and being outside and she’s always excited to see you. However, she can’t be around other dogs (perhaps after introductions, but not recommended) or small children/infants.