Bailey update!!

Bailey’s having fun in his new home and has a very furry friend to hang out with. His new owners sent us this update:

Bailey seemed to be a little frustrated with all of the rules we gave him, but all in all he did really well his first night. I was a little concerned when we had him out front and the 5 neighborhood kids rushed him, but he handled it great! He didn’t mind the kids pawing at him at all!

It has been really good tonight. He and Nella are getting along great! Bailey really enjoys looking out the windows, we are not sure if he has ever had windows that go all the way to the floor. He also is pretty fascinated with the bird. He and Harley have been exchanging words. Harley will go to the bottom of the cage and nip at him and Bailey thinks that is great fun. I think Harley thinks it’s fun too!

Bailey has a full house, a bird, a fellow dog, and a cat. He hadn’t met the cat yet when we were sent the update but he had walked by it without caring that the cat was nearby.

Here’s a pic of Bailey and his friend Nella.