Clay Update

This past weekend in NYC, it rained a lot! The hurricane’s leftover oomph came this way and gave us a lot of wind, soupy thick humid weather on Friday, and then Sat rain… lots of rain.

We didn’t experience too much damage from fallen trees or garbage cans rolling away, and it seems Clay had a good time walking in the streets during the downpour. His foster dad told us that they went for a walk and Clay was totally fine walking in the rain. He hops over the deep puddles but if he can’t hop he will trudge right through them. Clay is also very intrigued by the water that flows down the gutters to the drains. He tries to snap at the reflections of light that dance across the top. His foster dad described it as a dog who is trying to catch a fish. All in all, Clay is adjusting very well to his new foster home and we’re very happy to hear it!


  1. Clay is 1 and is about 30 lbs. He is healthy and up-to-date on his vaccinations. He is very friendly, but tends to like dogs his size or smaller, not larger.

  2. My girlfriend and I are very interested in Clay. We already have one shiba (Lily a 6 month old sesame), I personally have always wanted a male dog. However when I saw Lily I fell in love with her.

    Clay reminds me of a shiba I saw in a pet store, which first drew my attention to the breed. Please contact me as soon as possible on any other info, pics, how much he would be, and of course is he still available.