Introducing Clay aka Kit

Clay aka Kit is a 1 yr old male shiba who came to use from the Manhattan Animal Care and Control Shelter. He was brought in as a stray. For the past few weeks he’s been living with his foster dad and has been adjusting nicely. Clay has to learn some manners such as to not jump up on people and how to interact with dogs without wanting to jump on them as well.

He’s very affectionate and friendly and seems interested in meeting children, although so far he has not had the chance to interact with them. We don’t want him to accidentally push someone to the ground. He does like other dogs, but doesn’t seem to always like larger dogs.

His foster dad told us that Clay is often a very a quiet dog but now and then he will bark in the house. However, from what his foster dad can tell, there’s nothing to bark at. As he describes it:

Most of the time he’s quiet, but sometimes–he barks. You’d swear this dog can see ghosts–he barks and growls at random walls and corners. Also, sometimes he will be lying down and bark to himself.

Clay has proven to be well-behaved. When he’s left alone, he will stare at the front door, scratch it a few times, and after about 5 minutes, lay down and take a nap. He does not destroy anything, has not gotten into any trouble, and overall, is a great dog. He is learning some commands such as sit and is fairly good on a leash. He’s not allowed to bolt out the door or walk ahead of his foster dad. As Clay is still a young dog and has some puppy traits in him, he tends to get bored of toys quickly. His foster dad rotates the toys, rubber chews, the hard plastic toys, and sometimes a cardboard box.

Overall it sounds like Clay is having a great time in his foster home and couldn’t have asked for a better foster dad. Keep checking back for more updates on Clay aka Kit!


  1. Maggie from CT says:

    Clay or Kit ? He looks handsome! Please post more pics. Pretty mellow for a 1yr old. My shiba was a stray and sometimes I think we pegged him as younger than he was when we first got him.

  2. about 30 lbs