Jack's update 9/8/07

Jack’s foster dad let us know how the first weekend was with Jack in his home. Here’s what Walter had to say,

So far Jack is doing great and has made a lot of progress. At first he was rather aloof and when I took him out for the first time he tended to weave in and out during his walk. He also decided to stop on his own and refused to go up steps. At first I thought I had overworked him since I took him for a good 40 minute walk the second time around. But after some help from a friend we realized that he was just simply used to being the pack leader and after a little work we were able to get him to follow my lead. He should be able to walk perfectly without any problems soon and I can start helping him to lose weight.

Jack seems to be fine with dogs around his size but has shown some hostility towards bigger dogs. We aren’t sure how he is around cats or what level his prey drive may be. In the apartment, Jack’s a quiet dog and doesn’t seem to be bothered by any city noises. His foster dad reports that Jack will get up, and if the noise is nothing to be alarmed about, he lays back down.

Overall he’s very pleasant to be around and is well behaved and is housetrained. He’s been left alone for about 5 hours with no problems. His foster dad sent us some pics!