Prince Update 9/5/08

Prince’s foster mom gave us a quick update on his progress with other dogs. She said:

Prince’s really mellowed out, he likes to make himself comfortable on the loveseat with Akira and they both of them enjoy short naps throughout the day and playing in the dog park. Prince is still a bit of a mamas boy and prefers to sit by me at the park, but he has been playing with Akira and other dogs every now and then.

He’s learning how to fetch and loves to play with the ball, as long as I’m playing with him (rolling it around the ground with my feet and kicking it for him to fetch from short distances). He is great in the apartment by himself and gets a little spoiled every now and then by being allowed to sleep with Akira on her bed (and even sometimes my bed).

Prince has adjusted very well and is continuing to become a perfect gentleman in preparation for his forever home!


  1. I really like him too. I would love to adopt him.

  2. Prince seems like a pefect name for him. i would love to be able adopt him, if i could…