Update on Ginger

Recently Ginger’s foster dad, Simon, contacted us to tell us what a great dog Ginger has become. He said she’s an extremely sweet dog with an independent streak. She will sleep on the bed with him and snuggle down around between his knees so she’s surrounded on all sides and feels secure.

Simon takes Ginger for jogs in the parks and he notices that she seems to want to keep pace with everyone and has a hard time deciding if she should sprint with the sprinters who pass them or jog with the joggers. It’s as if she doesn’t want to leave anyone behind, and they are all part of her pack!

He also told us that Ginger greets him with a wagging tail, excited and happy, and sometimes barks as if to say, “HI!” She’s also a silly dog who will chase her tail, roll around on her back, and will try to eat or bite at wind that hits her in the face. Simon said sometimes he will blow in her face just to watch her to do this and it makes him and his friends double-over with laughter.

Ginger can be trusted home alone and also seems to like cats. However, the cat she encounters does not seem to like her. People have complimented how beautiful she is as she has passed them by on the street. We have to agree, Ginger is a beautiful shiba who needs a forever home.


  1. Hello. I’ve been reading about Ginger here, and absolutely adore her! I am glad she is doing so well in her foster home. I have a wonderful male Shiba named Yoshi that I adopted 7 years ago (he was a courtesy listing through another rescue as a free to a good home through the previous owner). I have been thinking about adopting him a companion recently because he has been very lonely since losing our other dog (my dad’s 14+ year old mixed breed that we lost to cancer a little over a year ago). My dad doesn’t want another dog of his own, but I have been recently looking into adopting another Shiba myself closer to Yoshi’s age (He’s 8. I got him when he was 11 months old). I also love that she is good with cats (we have cats who are more than used to Yoshi trying to play with them!), and that she likes long walks because I take Yoshi hiking and to the park regularly. I work in a school as a teacher’s assistant (the school is 3 minutes away) so I am home a lot with my animals (I come home on lunch break, I get out of work at 2:45, and I am off weekends, holidays, and summer). I am considering filling out the adoption form for Ginger, the only problem is my dad is weird about the whole ‘house check’ issue. What is the exact procedure of that? Thank you for any info! And thank you for doing so much for this wonderful breed.

  2. michele m says:

    The house check involves one of our volunteers coming to your home to see if it is suitable for a Shiba. Since you already have one, your home is probably fine. We also like to meet all the adults in the household to make sure everyone is ok with the addition of a Shiba to the family.

    Foster Program Asst.