Zucca update

Zucca is doing well in her foster home. She weighs about 8-9 lbs. She is friendly with the other dog in the house except when eating – Zucca tends to be a little food aggressive. Zucca is good on walks, but gets a little nervous in the dog run. She still prefers women over men, but just needs a little time to warm up to them. Zucca is very curious of a friend’s 2 year old boy – she wants to play with him like she does the other dogs but scares him off when she gets mouthy.

Zucca would be good in a home with another dog to play with or with a family who is willing to give her the time and exercise she needs.

Stay tuned for more on Zucca’s progress.


  1. Hello

    When would Zucca be available and do I need to send in another application if I’d like to adopt her? She’s about the same size as my shiba girl at that age and isn’t much younger…I think Akira is playful enough to keep her occupied in the apartment; they would be an adorable pair 😀


  2. Hi Brianne,

    You don’t need to fill out another application. I will forward your inquiry to the adoption director.


  3. Curious to know if Zucca has found a permanent home or not. We are still interested in adopting her.

  4. Hi John,

    Zucca is currently in a foster home and not available for adoption yet. She won’t be available until after she is spayed. She isn’t scheduled to be spayed yet due to her young age. We have had a lot of interest in Zucca, but I will forward your interest to our adoption director.