Ashitaka Update 10/7

Ashitaka has been slowly progressing. He’s still cautious around new people and situations and can still be growly and possessive with toys around other dogs. He’s friendly to other dogs when there’s not an item that’s worth anything around. When Ashitaka finds his forever home, we hope they keep working with him to improve his manners and teach him to not be so possessive over objects.

Ashitaka is not aggressive towards people, and loves children. He can become defensive if a dog comes over to him with too much hyper energy and gets in his face. He has been known to growl and may try to fight.

He’s learning his basic commands but still doesn’t always Come when he’s asked to. He tries to steal food from the table and counters… but his foster mom is working on breaking him of this habit. He’s not shy in new situations but can be overly cautious and somewhat aloof. He’s still not entirely sure of what this world has in store for him.

He’s waiting for his forever home to help him feel safe, secure, and become a happy, healthy dog.