Candy update

Candy has gained about 3 pounds and is very healthy. Her coat is improving and she is shedding a lot. Her personality is very laid back. She is not good with new people because she is scared, but is getting better. She is very calm and playful with her foster mom.

Candy’s personality has changed where she is no longer skittish and is very playful. However, she is still skittish around new people but getting better. She is friendly with other dogs outside the home during walks. She is more friendly with women, and tends to stay away from men and strangers although she is fine around her foster dad. She is good with children.

Candy is not really very vocal, only when she sees neighbors in their backyard. But if you tell her to stop barking she obeys. She is affectionate to a degree, if she knows you. She likes to be by herself, but will come and let you pet her.

She is getting a lot better with being around people. She doesn’t run away and hide anymore, but she is very cautious. She stays on command and walks well on leash. She is also well behaved in her crate. Candy sometimes comes when called, it depends on her mood.

Candy loves to be outside and run. She is outside about 2-3 hours a day depending on the weather. Also, a walk in the evening.