Introducing Nikko

Nikko is almost a year old, neutered male, and has tri-color markings. He’s still a puppy in spirit and because of that exhibits a lot of silly puppy behaviors and needs to learn manners. He pulls on a leash and is easily distracted by squirrels, movement of any kind, and only seems to pay great attention to you if you have a treat. This is all very puppy-ish and very “I want to explore the world!” sort of behavior.

Nikko would need a home where a good routine was established and rules and boundaries were created to help him become a good canine citizen. He does know how to sit on command and loves people and attention and thinks those squeaky toys are the best thing ever.

From what we’ve seen Nikko is good with small children and good with cats, as long as the cat is confident enough to hold his/her own ground. Otherwise, Nikko’s prey and play drive may torment another pet in the house. Nikko needs a lot of exercise to help work off the pent up energy that a puppy tends to have. Shibas are athletic and agile and need a good routine to stay in shape and burn off energy.

Please keep checking back to learn more about Nikko.