Jack Update 10/2

Jack has lost a few pounds since his last update and his foster dad, Walter, has been working with him on his leash training. We did find out that Jack has a bit of arthritis in his left hind leg which could contribute to the fact that Jack isn’t always game for a long walk.

However, Jack has become more affectionate and has become accustomed to a good schedule. When it’s time for bed, Jack goes into his crate and lays down. He’s also not as reactionary when he sees another dog on the street. He will still snap at some of them, but does not pull towards other dogs anymore.

Walter is working with Jack everyday to help him get better with learning basic commands such as sit, come, and to stop begging for people food. Jack also sometimes bumps into Walter when they are walking and almost gets a little underfoot. Overall, Jack is making good progress and his exercise is limited but it’s helping him become a healthier and happier dog.