Nikko's Update 10/11

Nikko has been doing well at his foster home. He still does not get along with dogs but is fine with cats. He likes kids and adults and doesn’t show any aggression to anyone. he loves to be petted and rubbed. Everytime his foster mom walks in the house he has a huge smile. Nikko likes to sleep on the bed with her and cuddles with her on the couch when they watch tv.

Nikko also doesn’t have any problems being left alone in the house, he’s house broken and doesn’t destroy anything. The only thing he chews on is paper if he finds some low enough for him to grab. Otherwise he can be trusted alone.

When they go out for walks and exercise, Nikko gets very hyped up and wants to zoom around and play. In the house he’s very mellow and barks sometimes when he’s looking out the window and something catches his eye. He listens very well in the house, but outside if you call him to come to you, he tends to be so transfixed on other things that he doesn’t listen very well. His foster mom is working with him to understand that he needs to listen all the time.

Nikko is making good progress!


  1. It makes me so happy to hear Nik’s doing so well. We miss him here in Pa. Look forward to reading more updates!

  2. Christine says:

    I am in total agreement with Brit, we miss him in PA. I’m happy he is doing well.

  3. Happy birthday Nikko!!! I love you and miss you very much!