Sasha update

Sasha is 18 lbs. and in excellent shape. Her teeth have been ignored and now they are clean and white, she lets her foster parents scrape the plaque off and brush them with very little resistance. She is a very sweet quiet little girl. She loves attention and is independent at times.

Sasha is working on getting along with her foster brother Dusty. They like to play with the rope toy and the nylabone. She seems to like everyone.

She has a big appetite for a small dog. She is mostly quiet and she loves to sit on the staircase and look out the window, she barks if someone approaches the house or passes by. Sasha is very affectionate, playful and very curious. If you put your hand out, she sits and bows her head for petting. She likes to play with Dusty and not so much with her foster parents. She likes to walk around and check everything out.

She likes to nap in Dusty‚Äôs bed as well as on the stairs, she fits nicely and they are carpeted. She feels very safe there because she can see everything from that location. When her foster parents are out, Dusty sleeps in his open cage and she sleeps next to her foster’s mom.

Sasha & Dusty go to the dog run every morning so they get a lot of exercise. Sasha seems to be in a great environment for her needs. She would be best in a home with someone who is home all of the time.

Sasha was aggressive with Dusty in the beginning but they are working it out and she might be better in a home with only one pet as long as someone was home all of the time. Sasha enjoys Dusty, they do play a lot.

Stay tuned for new photos and more on Sasha.