Zucca Update 10/9

Zucca is doing very well in her foster home. She’s about 13lbs now and gets along well with her foster brother, to the point where she lets him stand near her when she’s eating. Talk about good friends!

At the dog run she is still a little nervous being around so many dogs; it still seems to overwhelm her. However, she’s very very good on walks and is becoming crate-trained. Zucca doesn’t seem to notice small animals such as squirrels that often, so she’s not pulled or lunged or tried to chase them. She is still aggressive about food with new dogs, and will give some attitude to stake her claim.

Zucca now knows how to Sit, Lie Down, and Come (she comes about 80% of the time). She still jumps on people that she’s comfortable with, but her foster mom is working with her to curb this behavior. She’s also working on the shyness that Zucca displays with new people and situations. Sometimes Zucca will bark at strangers, but from what we understand it’s due to her shyness and she’s trying to say, “Hey! I see you. Don’t scare me!” Her foster mom is helping her learn that not all people are going to scare her and that new things and places can be fun.

Zucca definitely does well with another dog, and could go to a home with another dog. We recommend that any owner who has a dog and is interested in Zucca, please be aware there are many new challenges that can come up when you add a new pet to the family.

Please keep checking back for updates on Zucca


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    • Hi Katherine,
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