Ginger Update – 11/02/08

Ginger has a mild ear infection which her foster dad is treating. Overall, she’s doing great and has gained a little weight placing her around 17 lbs. She seems to get anxious now if she knows her foster dad is leaving the house. He’s come up with a few ways to help overcome this issue such as getting ready in the morning at different times.

She’s getting better with commands and walks nicely on a leash as long as she’s not overly excited and hyped up. Her foster dad, Simon, takes her for a job and walk everyday. She loves the exercise and it helps keep her calmer in the house as well as keeps her fit.

Overall Ginger is doing well and we’re all waiting for her to find her forever home!


  1. Aww Ginger, I hope your ears feel better! Ears are very important Shiba tools to keep protected! How else would you be able to hear from across the house if someone else happens to walk near a biscuit you put under a cushion last week because it tasted yucky then, but you suddenly happen to want real bad now because someone else may get it!

    The anxiety when leaving the house- there’s a couple of things I learned about that in training class that can maybe help. Not sure what the current routine is, but here are some pointers we learned that worked well.
    One thing is, to get her used to you leaving and coming back, to make it a point to leave and come back inside randomly throughout the day/evening even if you have nowhere to go. Just get up and leave the house- even if it’s small amounts of time like 1 minute here, 5 minutes there. It’ll raise her awareness that coming and going is part of the humans’ life. And it helps when it happens randomly like that rather than just on a schedule like daily work.
    Also it helps if whenever you leave and come home (whether its for work, or just the random minutes throughout the rest of the day) keep things calm. Leaving the house and coming home, simply pet her and calmly say hello or goodbye. When you come home, wait a few minutes after a calm pet on the head ‘hello’ before letting her know you are excited to see her.
    Supposedly, since dogs don’t know where we’re going when we leave (and don’t have a big concept of time) when we make a big deal out of it to them, they start thinking that our leaving the house IS a big deal so it makes them excited or nervous.
    Hope things go well! Ginger is an awesome little doggy. I recently sent in an app for her as well.