Kit's update for November

Kit aka Clay is having fun with his foster dad, Rain. Kit and Zucca are now being fostered together and it’s helped Kit learn some good behaviors like going into his crate without a fuss. He also has a friend to play with and seems very happy.

Kit’s gained some weight and his fur is getting softer and improving. However, a few weeks ago he had to go to the vet because he was shaking and became ill. We found out he has an infection called Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever which is transmitted by ticks. Kit was showing some of the symptoms such as lack of appetite, fever, and stomach issues. He’s now on antibiotics for about 30 days to help clear this up. Otherwise, he’s doing well and Rain loves him very much. He described Kit’s personality as curious, fun, and fantastic.

Kit used to have anxiety issues if his foster dad left the house for a few hours but with Zucca around that’s no longer an issue. His foster dad has noticed though that Kit doesn’t listen to commands as often as he used to and he wonders if maybe Kit is too distracted with Zucca around. Rain is working to constantly reinforce the commands and on leash walking. Kit pulls on the leash still so that’s a work in progress. Overall, Kit is doing well and has a very caring foster dad.

Keep checking back to see how Kit is doing!


  1. I have two Shibas, one a cream male rescue about 7 years old who is a dead ringer for Kit. His name is Tenchi, and he was a puppy mill product initially purchased somewhere in New Jersey. Eventually he was pulled from a kill shelter in Pennsylvania when he was about 2 and that’s when he came to me. I love him to death, but I should have changed his name to Houdini, since he is the escapingest dog I have ever had in my long life of living with dogs. My half acre yard is enclosed with 6 foot chain link reinforced all around the bottom with 12 inch pound in hard rubber edging so he cannot dig out. Still, he will be out the door between the legs of an unwary delivery person in a split second.