Update for Ashitaka

Ashitaka is doing very well with foster mom, Molly. He’s still aloof, cautious, and gentle but as the days progress he’s trusting her more and more. Sometimes he still gets very nervous but he’s learning to trust a little more each day. She’s still working and reinforcing basic obedience. From what we have been told most of Ashitaka’s slow but steady progress is due to trust issues. The more he trusts the better he responds overall.

She is building trust with him more and more everyday and watching him slowly come out of his shell. Ashitaka is a good boy but very very nervous and shy in new places and situations. He also tries to steal food off the tables and Molly is working with him to not do that. When Ashitaka finds his forever home, we hope they are patient, calm, and work with him everyday to help him become the great dog he is.

He also loves cheese!