Zucca's November Update

Zucca is being fostered by Rain and lives with Clay aka Kit now. This has been a great match, both dogs love playing together and hanging out. Zucca has helped Kit like his crate and understand what it’s for and Kit has shown Zucca what it means to be housebroken. Overall, they are a lot of fun and Rain loves having two shibas in the house.

Rain told that Zucca is mostly housebroken now and has gained some weight and grown a little. He also mentioned that her fur seems to have become softer. She’s a healthy looking dog and has great energy although sometimes she jumps on people when she’s happy to see them and has to learn better manners.

Zucca sometimes barks at strangers and seems to get nervous when initially meeting someone new. After she’s comfortable with them, she is better. Rain is working with her and shows her new things as they walk to help her understand that new experiences are not scary.

She still has some possession issues but they are mild. Occasionally she will growl at another dog if she has a toy and the other dog comes too close but she has not shown as food aggression and can have her food bowl near Kit’s with no issues. She’s also improved with her leash walking and heels when Rain stops walking and does not pull. Zucca also seems to be very smart and picking up basic commands quickly. She sits when asked and is learning to lie down. Overall, Zucca is improving and we’re glad to hear that she’s having fun with Kit and Rain.


  1. when will zucca be ready for adoption and how is she?

  2. michele m says:

    Zucca is doing very well. She just got spayed yesterday and is healing up. Once she is completely healed from her spaying she will be available for adoption.

  3. I would love to adopt Zucca. My girlfriend just lost her adopted dog to an unknown respiratory disease and has been left heartbroken. I would love to know more about her.