Nikko's update

Nikko has been coming out of shell and can be a super sweet and loving dog. He’s warmed up and relaxed in his foster home. His foster mom has nothing but great things to say about him and loves that he will walk over with a toy in his mouth to her asking to play tug of war.

He still pulls when he walks on a leash but his foster mom is working with him on this and thinks it is because he gets very excited to explore and sniff things in the outside world. Nikko has been described as a teenager and sometimes tests the waters to see what he might be able to get away with but overall he’s a good dog and very cute.

Nikko knows some commands and is learning more and more everyday. He does need to work on his manners when meeting someone new or seeing other dogs. He sometimes barks and tries to lunge at other dogs and has a tendency to jump on other people.

Keep checking back to read more about Nikko.


  1. I am so happy Nikko is doing well. I miss him so much.
    Nikko- keep being a good boy.

  2. Can we see some pictures? Miss you Nik!