Update for Ginger

Ginger is doing well and having fun with her foster dad. He told us that she seems to not like car rides and becomes very anxious. He wasn’t able to calm her down or get her to stop shivering. We’re not sure why she got nervous. Maybe she’s not used to being in a car.

However, her separation anxiety is getting better and she’s still very friendly with other dogs in the dog run and any she meets as they are out for a walk. Her foster dad Simon thinks that Ginger may prefer to be the only dog in the house. They brought her to a friend’s house who has a dog and Ginger did not like meeting the other dog. She bared her teeth at the dog during an introduction and every time she heard the dog, she would begin to bark, but she did not do anything else. Perhaps she’d need to meet the other dog in a neutral zone if a potential forever home had another dog.

They are working on her training and reinforcing basic commands like sit, down, stay. Ginger overall is a good dog and just waiting for her forever home. Could it be yours?