Update on Spock (formerly Uni)

Spock is healthy and 20.6 lbs. He originally rubbed at his mouth a lot, but that has decreased. Probably due to the good food that he’s eating now.

Spock is friendly with female dogs, but tends to be a little aggressive towards male dogs. He is very friendly when meeting new people. He has allowed children to pet his back when his foster holds him and he doesn’t seem to react.

Spock is not toy or food aggressive. He brings back a toy after throwing it and when told to leave it, he allows you to pick it up. He also allows you to take away his food bowl while he is eating without getting aggressive.

Spock is very affectionate and at times would rather get loved up than play and gives lots of kisses. He is crate trained, but prefers not to be in his crate. He knows basic commands like sit, lie down and stay. He also walks well on a leash and comes when called. (What?? Is he really a Shiba??) He also knows NO, paw, drop it and leave it.

Spock can be left alone for hours at time and does not chew on anything. He prefers stuffed toys and tennis balls over squeaker-toys. He has a lot of energy at times and then content to sit and get loved up or lay close to you.

Spock would probably do best in a home without young children where he has someone home part time as he prefers to be close to his people.


  1. Spock seems really cool!! Awesome name too!! Whoever decided to change his name deserves a gold star! I do have a question…how is he with Cats?

  2. Another queston…we adopted Tasha from NYCSR a few months ago- do you think she and Spock would get along?

  3. betty welty says:

    How is Spock doing ? He’s a wonderful dog, I got to see him before he went to to Foster care. Is Spock going to be available for adoption . I and someone else is very interested in adopting him…..Thank you so much……Betty

  4. Spock is doing very well in his foster home and will be moved to the available for adoption list very soon. We don’t know how he is with cats, but he has been good around other female dogs, a little aggressive around males. If interested in adopting Spock, please fill out the application found here: http://nycshibarescue.org/adopting-a-shiba/

  5. betty welty says:

    Hello, I just wanted to know how Spock was doing.. I haven,t inquired in awhile. Did someone adopt him?Any new pictures. Thank You so much….Betty