Ginger's Update

Ginger is getting better with her anxiety of being alone. For a while now, her foster family has been working with her to be calmer, relaxed, and ok with being left in the house. She was showing some strong signs of separation anxiety because she loves to be around company.

For a week she was in the care of another foster family and adjusted wonderfully. She’s got a lot of energy to burn and acts very young! She’s got a puppy mind and energy level in an 8 yr. old dog’s body. In fact, her birthday is the 26th of this month! Happy Birthday Ginger!! Her birthday wish is to find her forever home soon.

She’s been dealing with an ear infection but it seems to be getting better. When she finds her forever home, we’ll make sure to give them tips on how to clean and maintain good hygiene for Ginger and hlpe prevent infections. Overall, her foster dad, Simon, has nothing but great things to say about her and has been having a good time taking care of Ginger.

Keep checking back on Ginger.