Introducing Mr. Squeakers

Mr Squeakers was surrendered to NYCSR as his family was moving and they could not bring him with them. Squeakers is about 15lbs- he’s a very small little guy. He was born in December of 2006, so he’s a young dog with lots of love and laughter to share.

He’s up to date on vaccinations, and microchipped. He will be neutered as well. Squeakers loves people, dogs and cats! At the dog run he loves to meet every dog that comes in and play with all of them- big or small. He also loves cats and knows when to back off when other animals don’t want to play.

In foster care, Chase is working on his leash training and crate training. Thankfully he’s very affectionate with his humans and is happy to please. He is a digger and runner so he needs to be supervised when playing outside at all times. Check back on more on Mr Squeakers!


  1. Shane Luitjens says:

    My partner and I have our application on file. We are interested in meeting Mr Squeakers. He seems very much in line of what we have been looking to add to our family. We are seeking a smaller dog as we live in a condominium here in the city with no outdoor space. Also, a smaller dog is able to accompany me to the office several times a week (where we have two other dogs of a small-to-medium size that he could play with). Please let me know of his availability. Thank you!

  2. Bernadette says:

    mr. squeakers might have whats known as luxiating patella of the knee Both of my shibas have it.

    What a cute shiba. I hope he and all the others get placed. =)))))

  3. vivian wysocki says:

    hi there me and my daughter are in the process of buying a house and we would love to adopt a dog that would be saved, please get back to us and let us know if squeakers is still available, you can reach me at 1201 661 1357 cell vivian thanks

  4. hal mandelbaum says:

    Hi ,
    just looking at your site and saw mr. squeakers. was hoping he is still available for adoption, I have a shiba now and have had him for 12 yrs now he was an abused puppy that was 9 months when I got him and was he trouble, but with love and lots of work he is the greatest of all dogs, little biased, hahaha. am looking for a play mate for Osho, work no problem just want to make sure ok with kids 7 and 9. they are great with Osho and play with him everyday.