Introducing Luna!

Say hi to Luna! She’s about 30 lbs and has a habit of snorting sometimes, maybe it’s how she laughs. Her foster family has told us she’s wonderful, easygoing, and very loving. Luna came to us because they could no longer care for her. She can sometimes still get very excited and play like a puppy. She loves children, dogs, and cats.

Luna is good with getting a bath and being groomed but she’s not a fan of nail clipping. Luna knows a few commands such as sit, stay, come, and speak. She also knows how to give high fives!

Since she’s been with her foster family, she hasn’t jumped up on them or done anything too destructive. She does like to try to get out the front door though and this is something her forever family will have to be aware of, door bolting. We are working with her to learn that she shouldn’t go running out the front door just because it’s opened.

Luna does try to beg for food and also likes to chase some of the animals outside. She tried to chase some geese and growled at them but was not allowed to hunt or run after them. She does like the cat that she’s living with and tries to play but we’re not sure if the cat thinks this is great fun. However, Luna would probably be lonely if she didn’t have another animal to hang out with when her foster mom is out. Her foster mom has told us she’s already fallen in love with Luna and takes her for long walks in the morning and finds her a great addition to their house.

Keep checking back to see when she’s available.


  1. Tara Taylor says:

    Hello. I just saw this new beautiful girl added to NYCSR. I put in an application awhile back with interest in another Shiba that ended up not fitting my lifestyle so I have been on a search for another more compatible one without much luck. I read about Luna, and she seems wonderful! One of the main issues I have been having with finding a 2nd Shiba is I need one that is good with cats (teasing is fine as long as they aren’t hurt. My shiba annoys the cats playfully all the time). I had preferred an adult female as well since mine is an adult male to reduce any territorial issues, and even though my app says I prefer the red & sesame coat, I have really taken a liking towards the creams lately the more I see them. Luna seems really wonderful and I would be interested as a consideration for possible adoption once she’s available.

  2. Luna looks like an exact copy of Lola.. its pretty freaky