Update on Squeakers

Squeakers has been doing well in his foster home. He’s about 14 lbs now and had some anxiety when he first moved to his foster home. Sometimes he’d have an accident in his crate but it seems like it may not be a regular thing. His foster family are trying to see if they notice a pattern with that.

Otherwise, they describe him as a sweet and energetic loving dog. He has made friends with a few other dogs, his best friend is a golden retriever and he’s also very good greeting people on his walks. In the house Squeakers seems to be more on-guard about people entering and gets very very defensive. He has growled and shown his teeth. His foster family has crated him when people come over so he has his “safe space” but for some reason Squeakers does not like when people come over to visit. They have tried having their friends offer him a treat but he won’t calm down. We will keep you posted to Squeakers progress regarding his defensiveness.

He doesn’t really play with toys but rather has played with his foster mom – little games of tickling and bouncing about. He seems to get very upset when he’s crated and realizes that it’s not just for a nap or time out, but rather because his “pack” is leaving the house without him. He barks and barks and his foster mom says it feels like he’s protesting and throwing a tantrum. Squeakers wants to be around his foster family and won’t leave the room unless they do, he follows and is a bit clingy. This is something that we notice with any dog that hasn’t had a “home” in a little while, they grab on and hold tightly for a little bit. Once they feel secure enough, they begin to relax. We hope Squeakers learns to relax and feel assured that his fosters aren’t going to leave and never come back.

Squeakers knows some basic commands and overall is a very good boy, but he does try to bolt out the door. Whoever adopts Squeakers will have to make sure they are always careful when leaving a house as Mr. Squeakers may just dart right out.

Overall, he’s adjusting well and having a good time with his foster family.