Ginger's March Update

Ginge’s ear infection seems to have completely cleared up. She’s also adjusted to her new foster home and loves meeting new people, playing, and overall has been extremely friendly to meeting all her foster dad’s friends. She still exhibits some signs of anxiety when being left alone and will whine and has shredded a few papers. Overall she’s not destructive and will calm down. However, Walter, her foster dad, believes Ginger would do well with someone who was around a lot or in a house where people had overlapping schedules so Ginger wasn’t left alone for more than a few hours at a time.

Walter has also noticed that Ginger does not respond well to other dogs when they are walking and will bark and even try to lunge at other dogs that pass. He’s been working with her to walk nice and parallel with him and she has improved. Ginger was ok in the dog park with other dogs, but we know that dogs tend to act differently on a leash. Ginger may also be adjusting still to a new foster, new place, and may feel somewhat nervous and have her guard up for now.