Luna’s foster mom recently took a few movies on her camera phone and sent them to us to share.

We also recently found out that Luna may have Cushings. It’s a disease where the production of too much cortisone affects certain areas of a dog such as their liver and abdomen. Cortisones relax the ligaments of the abdomen and causes enlargement of the liver. It also causes increased thirst and relaxed muscles can equal accidents around the house. It also can cause a dog to look like they have a pot belly.

Luna has started treatment and we will be closely working her foster mom to make sure she’s on the right diet, gets good exercise, and monitor her for improvements.

Keep checking back to see how Luna is doing.


  1. 🙁 Aww the poor baby! I hope it all turns out well for her. She is such a wonderful Shiba and it’s heartbreaking to read she may have Cushings. I will check back for further updates. She’ll be in my prayers.